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Become bulletproof and move mountains by creating a revolution inside your body for the world to see!!!

How would you like to take a little time at the Spa for the Soul to nurture yourself and become unstoppable?  You will love feeling blissfully alive and enjoying every moment of peace, love, and joy that you create.

 Re-align yourself from the inside-out at Dr. Daphne’s Spa for the Soul, and come out glowing and unstoppable!  One of the best feelings in the world is walking out of a spa after a day of nurturing and bliss.  Remember a time when you felt incredibly alive and unstoppable, loving every moment full of peace, love, and joy?   All the things we crave in life are really things we believe will bring us these amazing feelings. Take some time to get in touch with your soul’s true desires and start to create the life you love every day.  Join Dr. Daphne for Soul Spa and create a revolution inside yourself for the world to see.  You can access the experiences of Spa for the Soul from your computer or phone. 
To get a sense of what you will experience, each module is explained below:
  • Introduction:  Create an Inner Revolution for the World to See.   

  • Daily affirmations that heal your soul.

  • Discover your soul’s deepest cravings.  

  • Devour your cocoon- letting go of what once kept you safe can be the one thing that gives you your beautiful wings!  

  • Create your own Community:  Who are the special people you will choose to create your life with?   

  • Opening to love, passion, vulnerability, genuine connection.  

  • Passion and creativity:  What makes your heart feel alive? 

  • Contribute to something greater than yourself. Create goals that give you goosebumps!

  • Be confident in your own wisdom and develop faith that moves mountains!  

  • Voice Lessons:  Express your truth!    

  • Embracing adventure and experiment with the new.  

  • Playing in the waves of giving and receiving. 

  • Your connection with your higher power is your superpower.

  • Everything is your fault!  In other words, you are so much more powerful than you realize!  

  • The secret to becoming unstoppable.    

  • Fill up your tank with an endless supply of energy and motivation. 

  • The beauty of trust, collaboration and co-creation.  

  • Savor the Taste of Success.  Look into the mirror and recognize the new you!  

Let's talk

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Let me know if you would like information about the Soul Spa, if you are interested in the next travel retreat, and if you would like to book me to speak or facilitate at your online or live event! 

Change your heart.  Change your mind.


Change your life!


Meet Dr. Daphne Erhart

Daphne Erhart, PsyD, MA is a psychologist, author, speaker, master practitioner of neurolinguistic programming, world traveler, lover of people, animals, and nature. With over two decades of experience in the field of psychology, assisting clients of all types and ages ranging from the massively successful to the “criminally insane”, Dr. Daphne thoroughly enjoys helping people transform their lives.  She loves to live and help others live a deeply satisfying lifestyle by experiencing new ways of thinking, living, being, and relating.  

Inside Out Fitness is for the brave souls like you, who truly want to get past the internal baggage and roadblocks that have kept you unhealthy in the past.  Are ready to start the process of making changes in your thoughts, emotions, motivations, and habits?  Do you want to live a healthy lifestyle now that feels good and comes naturally to you?    The first key to making lasting change is understanding how powerful you are!  Schedule an upcoming retreat or workshop and read SHRINK:  Become Bulletproof, Move Mountains, And Create A Revolution Inside Your Body For The World To See.  It will guide you through the internal steps needed for these lasting changes.  Start today by claiming your free gift and browsing this site.  

Whether you want more satisfaction in your life, work, or loved ones, I look forward to helping you set goals and supporting you in achieving them. You are here on this earth for a purpose! You may be in a transition period in your life with work, relationships, health, or understanding yourself better. Whatever the case, you are more than able to do this and I'm happy to help you along your journey.  We are all responsible and in charge of what we do.  When you start to realize how powerful you are, lasting change will start to happen inside of you.  During this journey, you may go through some unexpected feelings (new or old) as you work through the potholes that may have slowed you down during past attempts to be healthy.  As you start to realize that you are moving forward towards your clear goals, you may experience many different feelings throughout this journey.  You may experience joy, pride, satisfaction, comfort, discomfort, guilt, frustration, or uncertainty.


Learn how to do whatever it takes to make the changes you are determined to get! Participate in this journey when you are ready and experience fun and support every step of the way as you experience lasting internal change and live your ideal life in this community of like minded people. Realize now how powerful, gorgeous, and amazing you are in this moment! 

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